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Crescent Split Ring M 1800/H YJT 7014 (M1800/H)

Short Description:

Finish: Black,Phosphated , ZINC plated, Plain

Material: Steel stainless, spring steel

Place of Origin: Mad in China

Surface treatment:

Black, Phosphated, (Zinc Plated), Plain, docroment coating, electrophoretic coating

Size: 3mm-55mm

Standard: Product standard:M1800

Sample: Available

Production Capacity: 100ton/Month

Color: Black

MOQ: 1000PCS

Payment terms: FOB/CIF




Product Detail

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Introducing the C-shaped opening circlip M1800! This incredible auto part prevents the bearing from being too tight or too loose, providing a valuable layer of protection. With its versatile design, the shaft stopper can be used as a retainer between the shaft retainer and the hole retainer. This means that the C-type retainer is the perfect replacement part when mechanical shaft parts are disassembled and reassembled and determining which retainer to use is difficult.

The C-shaped opening circlip M1800 is an essential tool for anyone who wants to ensure their bearings are protected at all times. Whether you’re working on a DIY project or a more complex repair job, this multi-purpose retainer is the perfect solution. Its high-quality design ensures that it is easy to install and provides long-lasting protection.

At its core, the C-shaped opening circlip M1800 is an innovative and high-quality auto part that is designed to make your life easier. Its versatile design means that it can be used for a range of different applications, and its robust construction means that it can withstand even the most challenging conditions. So why wait? Invest in the C-shaped opening circlip M1800 today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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