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DIN471 Spring steel 65mn Circlips For Shafts (External Circlips)

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External circlip is the most common example of axially fitted circlips for shafts with grooves. The radial width is reduced towards the free ends. Because of such arrangement constant round shape is maintained .In external circlips lugs have been provided. These lugs are projected outside or externally, and it fixes on external part of Shaft, thus they are named external circlips.

These lugs have been provided with small holes to be enabled for fittings with help of pliers. External circlips are now days widely used in many forms.

External circlips offer themselves as a most reliable security device varying from a simple wire to a rigid circlip. It requires axial thrust.微信图片_202307060907122微信图片_20230706090712

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