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Retaining ring for bore

Retaining ring for bore is a commonly used fastener, which plays an important role in mechanical design and manufacturing. They are often used to secure parts and prevent them from moving in the axial direction, thus ensuring the stability and reliability of mechanical components.

Ⅰ、 Classification of retaining rings for bore
1. Retaining ring for bore: This retaining ring is elastic and can automatically adapt to the size of the hole, providing a stable fixing effect.
2. Spring V-ring for bore: Contrary to the retaining rings for ordinary holes, this retaining ring is designed to be fixed on the other side of the hole and is suitable for certain special installation needs.

1. Carbon spring steel: It has good elasticity and strength and is suitable for general application scenarios.
2. Stainless steel: It has better corrosion resistance and is suitable for humid or chemically corrosive environments.
1. DIN472:German industrial standard that specifies the dimensions and manufacturing requirements for retaining rings for bore.
2. GB893: Chinese national standard, which also stipulates relevant standards for retaining rings for bore.

Correct selection and installation of hole retaining ring is essential to ensure the long-term stable operation of mechanical equipment. At the design stage, engineers need to consider various factors to select the right type and specification of retaining ring to meet specific engineering requirements.

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