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What is the method to prevent the failure of wave washer

Appropriate selection should be made according to the operating conditions and working conditions of the rotating equipment, and necessary auxiliary facilities should be set up. For example, in the case of high temperature, it is appropriate to choose the sealing ring made of high temperature resistant materials such as graphite and cobalt-based tungsten carbide to improve the high temperature performance. At the same time, sealing and washing facilities should be set up to play the functions of cooling, lubrication and purification.


Strengthen the daily standard use and maintenance of waveform gaskets. The deterioration of media and working conditions has an obvious impact on the failure of mechanical seals, such as increased corrosion of media, solid particles in the media, increased viscosity of media and improper use of pump vacuum, etc. Correctly use rotating equipment, strengthen daily inspection, and always pay attention to the running condition of rotating equipment. Such as: bearing temperature, click speed, etc., strictly control the characteristics of the medium indicators, to prevent the use of the seal on the waveform washer environmental conditions change.

Improve the maintenance quality of mechanical seals to waveform gaskets, pay attention to the maintenance quality in daily maintenance, in the process of the assembly of the seal to the waveform gasket should be handled lightly, keep the complete cleaning of the sealing components, and adjust the clearance and coordination reasonably according to the maintenance procedures, such as: Sealing surface clearance, spring pressure, etc, in addition, but also to prevent the vibration of the pump is too large, should pay attention to the dynamic balance of the rotor and the alignment.


Our disc spring has good elasticity under working temperature between -15and +150

1. Our KAIXU supply standard parts,as well as customized parts. Our material supplier uses their best rolling technology in materials.

2. KAIXU have formed one stop production system, stamping, heat treatment and high efficiency production process.

3. The thickness of our disc spring in 1.25mm to 14mm require fine machining. And this process will raise disc springs fatigue life.

4.KAIXU do anti-corrosion treatment by Zinc-phosphating and oil.The assembly line work will make sure the paint-coat of uniform thickness.

Post time: Dec-26-2022