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The cleaning method of the retaining ring

Retaining ring is a fastener widely used in our daily industrial hardware. Its production process mostly adopts sheet punching, the functional section is conical, after assembly is mostly “linear contact” part of the large size model adopts wire winding molding, punching redundant material process made, the section is regular rectangle, after assembly is “surface contact”. The most typical O-ring in the retaining ring, his role is to use can increase the clearance between metal and metal moving parts. The following is to introduce the cleaning method of the retaining ring, as follows:

1. Retaining ring cleaning: When the stop ring is removed for inspection, the appearance shall be recorded by taking photos and other methods first. In addition, to acknowledge the amount of residual lubricant and lubricant sampling, and then clean the retaining ring.


2. Retaining ring inspection: In order to distinguish whether the retainer removed can be used from scratch, it is necessary to check its standard accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and collaboration surface, raceway surface, holder and sealing ring, etc. On the inspection effect, can be distinguished by the inertial axis or know the stop ring. The other criteria vary according to the mechanical function and importance and inspection period. If the following damage occurs, the retaining ring shall not be used from scratch, and it is necessary to exchange.

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Post time: Dec-26-2022