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Parallel Key with Groove, Cartbon Steel, Stainless Steel

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Product name: parallel key with groove Product standard: DIN6885
Our company standard: Material: carbon steel, Stainless Steel
Size: 4mm-40mm finish: plain

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The flat key is a key that relies on the two sides as the working surface, and the torque is transmitted by the extrusion of the key and the side of the keyway.

According to different uses, the flat key can be divided into four types: ordinary flat key, thin flat key, guide flat key and sliding key. Among them, the ordinary flat key and thin flat key are used for static connection, and the guide flat key is used for dynamic connection.

DIN6885 ordinary flat key is divided into flat key round head type A, flat key square head type B, flat key single round head type C. The main structural dimensions of ordinary flat keys are bond width b, bond height h, and bond length L.
Type A: Round head, anti-rotation, the keyway is machined with an end mill and has the same shape as the groove, and there is a gap between the top of the keytop and the hub.

Type B: flat head, fixed with screws, the shaft keyway must be machined with a disc milling cutter, and the two ends are not tightened after assembly.

Type C: One end is round and the other end is square, processed by end milling cutter, used for connecting the shaft end and the hub.

The DIN6885 flat key refers to the German DIN6885 standard, which corresponds to the national standard GB/T1096-2003. The standard specifies ordinary A-type, B-type, and C-type flat keys with a width of b=2mm-100mm.

Marking method of flat key
The labeling method of the flat key consists of name, key form, key width b×key height h×key length L, DIN6885.

For example: Type A ordinary flat key, b=8, h=7, L=25, marked as: Flat key A type 8×7×25 DIN6885, if it is B type ordinary flat key, the size is the same as above, then marked as: flat Key B type 8×7×25 DIN6885.

DIN6885 flat keys are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. The flat key provided by Screw Street is made of stainless steel, made of SUS304 stainless steel, with high strength and strong corrosion resistance.

The material of the flat key is related to the material of the shaft and other parts of the rotor. Generally, No. 45 steel can be used in the case of no corrosion, but in a corrosive environment, the occasion and source of corrosion of the flat key must be considered, such as liquid For flat keys in contact with aggressive media, the corrosiveness of the media must be considered, and the corresponding materials should be selected, especially in acidic environments. The choice of materials is very critical. Different acids and mixed acids have great differences in corresponding materials, so attention must be paid.

The tensile strength of DIN6885 flat key should not be less than 590MPa.

DIN6885 ordinary flat key has good neutrality, high positioning accuracy, simple structure and easy disassembly and assembly, but it cannot achieve axial fixation of parts on the shaft, and is used for high-speed shafts or shafts that withstand impact and variable loads.

The A-type flat key uses an end mill to process the keyway on the shaft. The key is fixed in the groove and the stress is relatively concentrated. It is the most widely used and is often used in fasteners in the mechanical industry. The B-type key uses a disc milling cutter to process the keyway on the shaft, and the stress concentration is relatively small. The C-type key is generally used for the shaft end.

Flat key size selection: the section size b×h of the flat key is selected from the standard according to the diameter d of the shaft. The length L of the key is generally determined according to the width of the hub, and the length of the key is required to be slightly shorter than the hub by 5~10 mm, and it is in line with the length series value.

Specializing in the production of DIN6855 flat keys with complete specifications and reliable quality, welcome to consult and purchase.

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