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KAIXU Spring pins DIN1481

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KAIXU Spring pins DIN1481

Standard :DIN 1481

Material: C67S

1. Our KAIXU supply standard parts, as well as customized parts. Our material supplier uses their best rolling technology in materials in C67S.

2. KAIXU have formed one stop production system, Automatic stamping, Austempering and high efficiency production process.

3. Our sheating test and hardness test is followed to ISO8752.

4.KAIXU do spring pins finish of Zinc-phosphating and oil. The assembly line work will make sure surface perfect.

Product Description:  KAIXU Spring pin is a hollow cylindrical body without a head, with axial grooves and chamfers at both ends. It is used for positioning, connecting, fixing, etc. between parts and needs to have good elasticity and shear resistance. The outer diameter of this type of pin is slightly larger than the assembly hole diameter.

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